Spring Quarter

    CMEN 304: Transport Phenomena (three credits)

  • Fundamental principles of energy, mass, and momentum transfer and transport processes.

Fall Quarter

    CMEN 450C / CMEN 557: Sustainable Chemical Processes (three credits)

  • Introduction to methods and examples of sustainable industrial chemical processes including catalysis science principles, chemical reaction engineering applications, process intensification technologies, and sustainable processes to produce green H2 , biofuels, and the conversion of shale gas, CO2, and waste plastics to value-added chemicals or alternative fuels. (G)

Winter Quarter

    ENGR 121: Engineering Problem Solving II (two credits)

  • Introduction to engineering design, engineering problem solving, computer applications.

Outreach Activities

1. Undergraduate Research

Dr. Xiao has been advised seven undergraduate student assistants at Louisiana Tech University since March 2022.


2. AIChE Chem-E-Car Competition

Dr. Xiao has been advising chemical engineering undergraduate students on AIChE Chem-E-Car Competition.

3. ACS Project SEED Program

Dr. Xiao advised two high school students - Piper Smith and Mir (Zayd) Ali, supported by ACS SEED Program.