Welcome to Prof. Xiao's Group


The Xiao Research Group focuses on the fundamental research on heterogeneous catalysis science and chemical reaction engineering. The present research, including catalytic activation of methane, hydrogen generation, and safety analysis of chemical reactors, is funded by the Louisiana Space Grant Consortium (LaSPACE, a NASA EPSCoR center) and the Louisiana Materials Design Alliance (LAMDA, supported by NSF EPSCoR and Louisiana Board of Regents). If you are interested in joining the group as an undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral researcher, please send your CV to Dr. Xiao's email at yxiao@latech.edu.


From left to right: Mst. Nusrat Yasmin, Robert Martin, Tobias Misicko, Dr. Xiao, Sarah Siharath, Caroline Cresap, Piper Smith, and Xiaoyang Gao.

Alkane Activation

Hydrogen Generation

Sustainable Fuels