Course Outline and Tentative Schedule (Subject to Change)

Topics                                                                                                             Date

A. Introduction to Course and Project, Query Letter, Statistical Analysis            Sep 8




  1. Text Box: Activities1.Students brainstorm names of people they know that could help them with their project.2.Students evaluate ideas from the past senior design courses.  Good or bad?  Why?Course Outline and Course Rules
  2. Format for Preliminary Proposal
  3. Detailed format for the design proposal
  4. *Proposal Evaluation Sheet
  5. Detailed format for final design report
  6. Report Evaluation Sheet
  7. *Letter of Inquiry Description
  8. Statistical Analysis
  9. Describing Statistical Analysis
  10. Biological Design
  11. Minimum Requirements for A


B. Library Resources, Creativity Sep 15         


Text Box: Activities1.Students will divide into groups of 4 and brainstorm to list current biomedical devices.2.Groups brainstorm to list new technologies.3.Groups brainstorm ideas for senior design projects.4.Each group will select 4 ideas and assign each one to a member of the group.Handouts

  1. Library Research Resources
  2. Keywords for design devices



           Middendorf, Chapter 1



C. Engineering Design Process, Experimental Design, Idea Evaluation                   Oct 6


  1. Design Idea
  2. Preliminary Design Proposal (Individual)
  3. Handout on Statistical Analysis



          Experimental Design


Text Box: Due:1.Design Idea2.Preliminary Design Proposal (Individual)3.Handout on Statistical AnalysisText Box: Activities1.Each group will evaluate their 4 proposals using the evaluation form.2.Each group will select their top 2 design ideas.  Pairs from each team will prepare a presentation on one of these two ideas.3.Each group will decide on a format for their oral presentations.4.Each student will turn in an evaluation form for the design ideas that are selected.








D. Scientific Writing, Design Idea Presentation and Final Selection                        Oct 20


Text Box: Due:1.List of 50 abstracts2.Letter of InquiryHandouts:

1.       Scientific Writing




E. Evaulation of Ideas                                                                                                                                        Nov. 17

Text Box: Due: (Turn in to Bonnie Sellers’ office by 4:30 pm).1.First Draft of Desgn Proposal (Group) (grade is ½ no. of points).2.Evaluations of individual team members.3.Log Books

Text Box: Activities1.Each pair will present their design idea to the group.2.Each student will turn in an evaluation form for the desgn ideas that are presented.3.The class will decide on which projects will be implemented.4.Groups will be selected for each project.  Each group will hand in a complete proposal for the design task. 




BIEN 402

A.The Steps in Engineering Analysis (MiddendorfCh. 1)                                 Dec. 4

B.User Needs Analysis (MiddendorfCh. 3)                                                    Dec. 9

Homework 1 Due: Do problems 8 and 9 of Review and Discussion

in Chapter 1 of Middendorf

C. Alternative Designs and Inventions (Middendorf, 6.1-6.4)                          Dec. 11

Homework 2 Due: Handout on Needs Analysis (Downloadable MS Word File)

D. Creativity (Middendorf, 6.5-6.9)                                                               Dec. 16

Homework 3 Due:Review and Discussion 6.4, Practice Project 6.5

E. Creativity (Middendorf, 6.5-6.9)                                                               Dec. 18

Final Proposal Due

F. Decisions Under Uncertainty (Middendorf 8.1-8.7)                                       Jan. 6

Homework 4 Due: Practice Projects 8.5, 8.9, 8.17

Homework 5 Due: Handout on Decisions (Downloadable MS Word File)

G. Physical Realizability (Middendorf 4.1, 4.2)                                                Jan. 8

Homework 6 Due: Practice Projects 4.1, 4.2, 4.3

H. Compatibility and Economic Feasibility (Middendorf 4.3, 4.4)                     Jan. 13

Homework 7 Due: Handout on Engineering Economics (Downloadable MS Word File)

I. Cost Estimates and Selling Price (Middendorf 4.5, 4.6, 4.7)                        Jan. 15

Homework 8 Due: Handout on Measurement Error (Downloadable MS Word File)

J. System Design (Middendorf Ch. 9)                                                           Jan. 20

Homework 9 Due: Practice Projects 4.7, 4.8, 4.12, 4.13                                       

K. Mathematical Modeling (Middendorf, 7.1-7.3)                                           Jan. 22

Homework 10 Due: Handout on Duality (Downloadable MS Word File)

L. Mathematical Modeling (Middendorf 7.4-7.6)                                            Jan. 27

Homework 11 Due: Practice Problem 9.2

M. Dimensional Analysis (Middendorf 7.7-7.8)                                               Jan. 29

Homework 12 Due: Handout on Physiological Modeling (Downloadable MS Word File)

N. Dimensional Analysis                                                                                Feb. 3

Homework 13 Due: Practice Problems 7.6, 7.11

O. Detailed Design (Middendorf 10.1-10.2)                                                    Feb. 5

Homework 14 Due: Handout on Dimensional Analysis (Downloadable MS Word File)

P. Detailed Design (Middendorf 10.3-10.5)                                                   Feb. 10

P. Reliability (Middendorf 13.1-13.6)                                                            Feb. 12

Q. Reliability (Middendorf 13.7-13.12)                                                          Feb. 17

Homework 15 Due: Second Handout on Statistical Analysis

R. Accelerated Life Testing (Middendorf 14.1-14.5)                                      Feb. 19

First draft of Final Report Due

S. Human Factors Engineering (Middendorf 15.1-15.10)                                Feb. 24

Final Exam                                                                                                 Feb. 26

BIEN 404

A. Cost Analysis (Handout)                                                                          Mar. 10

Handouts: Presentation Format (Downloadable MS Word File), Course Rules (Downloadable MS Word File),

Combined Syllabus, Final Report Format (Downloadable MS Word File), Final Report Evaluation in MS Excel

B. Physiological Modeling (Handout)                                                            Mar. 15

Homework Due: Second Handout on Physiological Modeling (Downloadable MS Word File)

C. Physiological Modeling (Handout) (Downloadable MS Word File)             Mar. 27

D. Product Liability (Middendorf 2.1-2.2)                                                      Mar. 22

E. Product Liability (Middendorf 2.3)                                                            Mar. 24

Homework on Liability (Downloadable MS Word File) Due

F. Product Liability (Middendorf 2.4-2.6)                                                      Mar. 29

Second Homework on Liability (Downloadable MS Word File) Due

G. Patents (Middendorf 5.1-5.3)                                                                  Mar. 31

Notice of Invention Due

H. Patents (Middendorf 5.4-5.7)                                                                     Apr. 5

Second Handout on Statistical Analysis Due (Download MS Excel File)

I. Patents (Handout)                                                                                      Apr. 7

J. Medical Device Regulation (Handout)                                                        Apr. 12

K. Medical Device Regulation (Handout)                                                       Apr. 14

L. Design Review                                                         Apr. 19, 21, 26, 28 May 3, 5

Peer reviews of final report due April 29

M. Final Design and Prototype Due                                                                May 7

Peer Reviews of Final Design and Prototype Due May 3

N. Senior Design Conference (With Advisory Board)                            Friday, May 9

O. Medical Ethics (Handout)                                                                        May 10

P. Student Feedback and Course Evaluations                                               May 12