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Doppler Ultrasound

Reduction of Coherent Scattering Noise with Multiple Receiver Doppler

Platelet Function

Platelet Microtemplates

UC San Diego

Institute for Micromanufacturing

Johns Hopkins University

Georgia Institute of Technology


List of Publications


NSF Sponsored Undergraduate Experiences in Micro/Nano Engineering

Goals of the Program

Description of Layer-by-Layer Assembly

Summer 2003 Students

Research Projects

Research Mentors

David K. Mills

Steven A. Jones

Don T. Haynie

Tianhong Cui

Mike McShane

Yuri Lvov

Sandra Selmic

Mesut Sahin

Hisham Hegab

Debashish Kuila

Learning Activities

Format for a professional report (download doc)

Writing tips (download doc)

Word processing software

MS Word sample document (download doc)

Exercises in MS Word

Elements of a good research question

Making plots that are suitable for publication

Statistical analysis


Download REU Application Form

Biomedical Senior Design Course Outline

Course Rules

Format for Preliminary Proposal

Detailed format for the design proposal

Proposal Evaluation Sheet (Downloadable MS Excel File)

Detailed format for final design report

Report Evaluation Sheet (Downloadable MS Excel File)

Statistical Analysis (Downloadable MS Word File)

Describing Statistical Analysis

Library Research Resources (Downloadable MS Word File)

Minimum Requirements for A

Experimental Design

Statistical Analysis (Downloadable MS Word File)

Handout on Needs Analysis (Downloadable MS Word File)

Handout on Decisions (Downloadable MS Word File)

Handout on Measurement Error (Downloadable MS Word File)

Handout on Duality (Downloadable MS Word File)

Handout on Physiological Modeling (Downloadable MS Word File)

Handout on Dimensional Analysis (Downloadable MS Word File)


Biomedical Senior Laboratory Course Rules

Steps in planning a Research Experiment

Format for Laboratory Writeup

Lab 1: Pressure Losses Across Stenoses

Lab 2: Simulation of a Cardiac Output Flow Measurement

Student-Driven experiment


Biomechanics - Course Topics

Biomedical Systems Course Schedule

Course Schedule

Statics and Mechanics of Materials

Course Rules

Schedule of Topics

Homework Assignments

Design Project Instructions

Written Report Format

Thermodynamics - Course Topics

Graduate Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics - Course Schedule

Course Rules

Graduate Biomedical Fluid Measurement - Course Schedule

Course Rules


Outside Interests

Classical Guitar, Civil War History, Foreign Languages, Astronomy


Steven A. Jones

Louisiana Tech University