Below is a list of MS Word and Excel documents created for the Louisiana Tech REU program:



File Name

REU Program Information:


Expectations of Participants

Expectations of REU Students and Mentors.doc

Laboratory Notebooks

Contents of a Laboratory Notebook.doc

Pre-Program Survey

Pre-Program Questionnaire.xlsx

Mentor Workshop: Agenda

REU Mentor Workshop Final.doc

Mentor Workshop: Example Project Descriptions

Project Formulation.doc

Project Planning:


Components of a Research Question

Components of a Research Question.doc

Project Formulation Form Example

Pettway Project Formulation.doc

Relationship between Research and Technology

How Research Works.doc

Software (Word and Excel):


Exercises in MS Word


Equation Editor Keystroke Commands (Word 2003)



Equation Editor Shortcut Commands (Word 2007)


Exercises in MS Word.doc


Equation Editor Keystroke Commands.doc


Equation Editor Shortcut Commands.docx

Varying Page Numbering in Headers/Footers

Page Number Formatting.doc

Tricks to Learn in Excel

Tricks to Learn in Excel.doc

Creating Professional Plots

Checklist for Graphs.docx

Exercises in Excel in Excel

Excel Quiz 2012.xlsm

Statistical Testing Exercises

Excel Statistical Testing Handout.xlsm

Excel Macro to Format Plots

Pretty Graph Macro.xls

Excel Macro to Pay Students

REU Stipend Expense Report.xls

Excel Regression, Named Variables & Conditionals

Calculation of Delta P.xls

Bessel Functions and Using Solver to find Roots

Bessel Function Plots and Roots.xls

Writing and Communication:


Scientific Writing

Checklist for Writing.doc

Creating Professional Plots

Checklist for Graphs.docx

Reference Formatting

Checklist for References.docx

Structure of a Research Article

Format of a Research Article.doc

Oral Presentations

Final Presentation Outline.doc

Proposal Structure and Hints

Proposal Structure.doc

Statistical Analysis:


Probability and Hypothesis Testing

Tutorial on Statistical Testing.docx

Statistical Testing Exercises

Excel Statistical Testing Handout.xlsm

How to Describe Statistical Testing

Describing Statistical Analysis.docx

Quiz on Statistical Analysis

Statistics Quiz.doc