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BIEN 400

BIEN 402

BIEN 404


Course Outline and Tentative Schedule (Subject to Change)

Last Updated March 16, 2005


Topics                                                                                                                                           Date

A. Introduction to Course and Project, Query Letter, Engineering Registration                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sep 13



1.     Course Outline and Course Rules (Downloadable MS Word File)

2.     ABET Syllabus for BIEN 400, BIEN 402 and BIEN 404

3.     Engineering Registration

4.     Faculty Resesarch Interests

5.     Keywords for design devices

6.     Examples of previous senior design projects (Stanecki, Chellette, Roldan)

7.     Rules for Brainstorming (Downloadable MS Word File)

8.     Example resume I (Downloadable MS Word File),  Example Resume II (Downloadable MS Word File)

9.     Book Report Requirements (Downloadable MS Word File)

10.  Global Project Plan Form (Downloadable MS Word File)

11.  Individual Overall Plan Form (Downloadable MS Word File)

12.  Individual One-Week Plan (Downloadable MS Word File)

13.  Team Member Summary (Downloadable MS Word File)

14.  The letter of inquiry (Downlaodable MS Word File)


Class plan:

    1. Read through course rules
    2. Present ABET syllabi for the course
    3. Read through course outline for BIEN 400, 402 and 404
    4. Describe book report requirements
    5. Presentation by Cheryl Myers from the Career Center3:00 PM in Nethkin Hall 140.
    6. Discuss multiple aspects of design: Design criteria, prototyping, testing, modeling
    7. Explain hypothesis testing and why it is necessary
    8. Discuss the need for proposal writing – funding of research and development
    9. Discuss research interests of Louisiana Tech Biomedical Engineering faculty
    10. Discuss previous senior design projects


Three samples of senior design final reports are available at these links: (Stanecki, Chellette, Roldan).  Note that these are password-protected since the students and faculty mentors may be in the process of applying for patents on some of this material.  The password will be provided to the students in this class.


    1. Describe rules for brainstorming
    2. Have students brainstorm, in groups of 4, diseases or other medical problems that need to be addressed (should produce 25 “problems” in 15 minutes).
    3. Have students brainstorm design ideas in groups of 4.  Each group will produce 25 ideas for a design project in 15 minutes).
    4. Break
    5. Discuss the need for outside assistance (interdisciplinary collaborations).
    6. Describe the letter of inquiry.
    7. Describe the format of a resume.
    8. Describe the process and value of engineering registration.


Homework Assignments

1.     Each student will take the 25 ideas generated by his/her group and make notes about each one in his/her log book.  Relevant thoughts are:  Feasibility (time frame, availability of a mentor, cost), enabling technology, importance of the design, testing, physiological modeling, availability of a client, personal interest of a group member or a class member (e.g. one of the group has a cousin with the disease of interest).

2.     Each student is allowed to add ideas to the list of 25 or modify ideas.

3.     Each student will generate a professional resume.

4.     Each student will be told to be prepared to present a 5 minute introduction of his/herself.



B.    Library Resources, Proposal Writing                                                                                                                                                                           Sep 20                                                                                                                 



1.     Library Research Resources

2.     Format for Preliminary Proposal

3.     Detailed format for the design proposal

4.     Proposal Evaluation Sheet





Notes on previous week’s design ideas.

Sign up for resume review

Class Plan:

1.     Each student introduces him/herself (half of class)

2.     Description of library research resources and how to use them

3.     Description of proposal format and proposal evaluation sheet

4.     Students (in groups) sift through design ideas and select 4 ideas that seem to be meritorious.

5.     Each student is assigned to investigate and evaluate one of the 4 ideas for next week.

6.     Description of final design report requirements

7.     Describe a “Letter of Inquiry”

8.     Students (in groups) brainstorm for people who can help them with their projects (clients, consultants).


Homework Assignments:

1.     Research the design idea that you have been assigned

2.     Write a preliminary design proposal based on the design idea (due Sep 27)

3.     Find abstracts for 50 articles relevant to that design idea.  Download these abstracts and email them to sajones@coes.latech.edu by Sep 27.

4.     Write a letter of inquiry (due next week)



C.    Library Resources, Engineering Design Process, Experimental Design, Idea Evaluation                                           Sep 27

 Meet at the Library, 3rd floor, then return to Bogard Hall




1.     Experimental Design

2.     Detailed format for final design report

3.     Report Evaluation Sheet

4.     Statistical Analysis

5.     Describing Statistical Analysis

6.     Minimum Requirements for A



1.     Letter of Inquiry

2.     50 Abstracts


Class Plan

1.     Presentation on library resources at the Prescott Library

2.     Break and return to Bogard Hall

3.     Each student introduces him/herself (second half of class)

4.     Break

5.     Lecture on hypothesis testing, examples of the Student’s T-test

6.     Lecture on experimental design

7.     Explanation of how students must describe their statistical analysis in their proposals

8.     Discuss students’ project investigations



     Statistical analysis handout (Due Oct 11)



D. Resume Reviews – Students meet in groups of 2 for 15 minutes each                                     Oct 4



1.     Preliminary Design Proposal (Individual-must be emailed to the 3 other group members)

2.     Revised Resume – Students must take them with them during their meeting with Dr. Jones.





          Class Plan:

                    A formal class will not be held this week.  Instead, students will meet with Dr. Jones in groups of 3 for 15 minutes each to discuss their resumes.



                    Each student must provide a written evaluation of all design proposals prepared by their group members (including their own proposal).



E.    “Life Skills for Leaders”                                                                                                          Oct 11



1.     Written evaluations of the 4 proposals provided by each group member

2.     Statistical Analysis Handout



                    Scientific Writing (Downloadable MS Word File)

                    Checklist for Writing (Downloadable MS Word File)

                    Format for Oral Presentation (Downloadable MS Word File)


          Class Plan

1.     Lecture on “Life Skills for Leaders”

2.     Lecture on Scientific Writing

3.     Students (in their groups) will discuss the 4 ideas from their group and select the top 2 ideas for further consideration.

4.     Students will assign one idea to each of 2 people.



                    Each pair of students will prepare an oral presentation on their design idea for presentation at the next class meeting.



F. Design Idea Presentations and Final Selection                                                      Oct 18


Handouts: none



                    Design idea presentations


          Class Plan:

1.     Each pair of students will present their design idea (10 minutes each).

2.     Students will use the presentation and other information that they have about the project to decide which of the design ideas will be pursued in BIEN 402 and BIEN 404.



G. Biomedical Ethics (Dr. Andrew Marino)                                                                           Oct 25







                    Read Chapter 1 of Middendorf and Engelmann


          Class Plan:

                    Dr. Andrew Marino will present a lecture on biomedical ethics.

                    Dr. Jones will present the final selection of design projects and the design groups.



                    Each design group must write a final proposal on their design project.



H. No class, but Interview Skills Workshop is mandatory                                                    Nov 1

I. Interview Skills Workshop (Friday Afternoon, Biomedical Engineering Center)                    Nov 5



J. Life-Long Learning Reports and Discussions                                                                                      Nov 8


                    Handouts: none



                              Magazine report


                    Class plan:

                              There will be an informal discussion on the magazines read by each of the students.



E. Book Reports and Discussions                                                                                                                               Nov. 15

          Due: (Turn in to Linda Echols’ office by 4:30 pm)

1.     First draft of design proposal (group).

2.     Evaluations of individual team members.

3.     Log books.

                    Class plan:

                              More informal discussions of the magazines read by each of the students.

BIEN 402

A.The Steps in Engineering Analysis (MiddendorfCh. 1)                                 Dec. 2

Handouts: Presentation Format (Downloadable MS Word File), Final Report Evaluation in MS Excel

B. User Needs Analysis (MiddendorfCh. 3)                                                   Dec. 7

Homework 1 Due: Do problems 8 and 9 of Review and Discussion

in Chapter 1 of Middendorf

C. Alternative Designs and Inventions (Middendorf, 6.1-6.4)                            Dec. 9

Homework 2 Due: Handout on Needs Analysis (Downloadable MS Word File)

D. Creativity (Middendorf, 6.5-6.9)                                                               Dec. 14

Homework 3 Due: Review and Discussion 6.4, Practice Project 6.5 (Downloadable MS Word File)

E. Creativity (Middendorf, 6.5-6.9)                                                               Dec. 16

Final Proposal Due


Text Box: Winter Break




F. Decisions Under Uncertainty (Middendorf 8.1-8.7)                                       Jan. 4

Homework 4 Due: Practice Projects 8.5, 8.9, 8.17

Homework 5 Due: Handout on Decisions (Downloadable MS Word File)

G. Physical Realizability (Middendorf 4.1, 4.2)                                                Jan. 6

Homework 6 Due: Practice Projects 4.1, 4.2, 4.3

H. Compatibility and Economic Feasibility (Middendorf 4.3, 4.4)                     Jan. 11

Homework 7 Due: Handout on Engineering Economics (Downloadable MS Word File)

I. Cost Estimates and Selling Price (Middendorf 4.5, 4.6, 4.7)                        Jan. 13

Homework 8 Due: Handout on Measurement Error (Downloadable MS Word File)

J. System Design (Middendorf Ch. 9)                                                           Jan. 18

Homework 9 Due: Practice Projects 4.7, 4.8, 4.12, 4.13                                       

K. Mathematical Modeling (Middendorf, 7.1-7.3)                                           Jan. 20

Homework 10 Due: Handout on Duality (Downloadable MS Word File)

L. Mathematical Modeling (Middendorf 7.4-7.6)                                            Jan. 25

Homework 11 Due: Practice Project 9.2

M. Dimensional Analysis (Middendorf 7.7-7.8)                                               Jan. 27

Homework 12 Due: Handout on Physiological Modeling (Downloadable MS Word File)

N. Dimensional Analysis                                                                                Feb. 1

Homework 13 Due: Practice Projects 7.6, 7.11

O. Detailed Design (Middendorf 10.1-10.5)                                                    Feb. 3

Homework 14 Due: Handout on Dimensional Analysis (Downloadable MS Word File)

(Mardi Gras Week)

P. Reliability (Middendorf 13.1-13.6)                                                            Feb. 10

Q. Reliability (Middendorf 13.7-13.12)                                                          Feb. 15

Homework 15 Due: 2nd Handout on Statistical Analysis (Download MS Excel Worksheet)

R. Accelerated Life Testing (Middendorf 14.1-14.5)                                      Feb. 17

First draft of Final Report Due

S. Human Factors Engineering (Middendorf 15.1-15.10)                                Feb. 22

Weekly Progress Reports Due

T. Discussion of Projects                                                                             Feb. 24

U. Discussion of Projects                                                                              Mar. 1




BIEN 404

A. Cost Analysis (Handout)                                                                          Mar. 10

Handouts:  Course Rules (Downloadable MS Word File),

B. Physiological Modeling (Handout)                                                            Mar. 15

Homework Due: Second Handout on Physiological Modeling (Downloadable MS Word File)

Weekly Progress Report from Each Group Member (Downloadable MS Word File)

C. Physiological Modeling (Handout) (Downloadable MS Word File)             Mar. 17

D. Product Liability (Middendorf 2.1-2.2)                                                      Mar. 22

 Weekly Progress Report from Each Group Member (Downloadable MS Word File)

E. Product Liability (Middendorf 2.3)                                                            Mar. 24

Homework on Liability (Downloadable MS Word File) Due

F. Product Liability (Middendorf 2.4-2.6)                                                      Mar. 29

Second Homework on Liability (Downloadable MS Word File) Due

Weekly Progress Report from Each Group Member (Downloadable MS Word File)

G. Patents (Middendorf 5.1-5.3)                                                                  Mar. 31

Notice of Invention Due

H. Patents (Middendorf 5.4-5.7)                                                                     Apr. 5

Second Handout on Statistical Analysis Due (Download MS Excel File)

Weekly Progress Report from Each Group Member (Downloadable MS Word File)

I. Patents (Handout)                                                                                      Apr. 7

J. Medical Device Regulation (Handout)                                                        Apr. 12

Weekly Progress Report from Each Group Member (Downloadable MS Word File)

K. Medical Device Regulation (Handout)                                                       Apr. 14

Draft of Final Report Due Apr. 14

L. Design and Testing Review                                       Apr. 19, 21, 26, 28 May 3, 5

Peer reviews of final report due April 28

Weekly Progress Report from Each Group Member (Downloadable MS Word File) Due Each Tuesday

M. Senior Design Conference (With Advisory Board)                           Friday, May 6

Peer Reviews of Final Design and Prototype Due May 3

O. Medical Ethics (Handout)                                                                        May 10

Final Revised Design Report and Prototype Due                       Tuesday, May 10  

P. Student Feedback and Course Evaluations                                               May 12