English 303 Links



Grading Criteria
Software to Use*
In-Class Persuasion (Group sales presentation)
Powerpoint 10%
The Long Report (Required by the English Department)

Application Letter & Resume (Required by the English Department) Word  15% 
In-Class Process (WWW Manual; done by groups)
Louisiana Anthology Permission Form
HTML editor
Attendance    10%
Total   100%
*Use this software or its equivalent.

Manual for Technical Writing on the WWW

Getting Started
Obtaining and Using a VM Account
Obtaining and Using a UNIX Account
Using the CAB (College of Administration and Business) Computer Lab
More on Using the CAB Lab
Updated Guide to Using Tech's Computer Resources
What's on This Site Anyway?
Obtaining and Using a VM Account
Directions for Obtaining a VM Account
Places to Access Your VM Account
Accessing the Tech Mainframe
Using a Browser
Creating a Web Page at LA Tech
Searching the Web
Searching Government Documents
Louisiana Government Sites
Writing on Web
Technical Writing On the Web
The SeaMonkey Project with HTML editor (formerlly Mozilla Suite)
Diagram Designer 1.22: "Simple vector graphics editor for creating flowcharts, UML class diagrams, illustrations and slide shows."  Good for creating graphics for your long report, web page, or powerpoint presentations.
Free CSS Templates (Web page designs)
w3schools.com: Full Web Building Tutorials - All Free

Resources for Students in English 303

Thesis Exercise
Criteria for English 303 Essays
Audience Profile Sheet (You can fill it out and save it)
How to Correctly Create a Proposal (Winter 2008-2009 version)
Sentence Outline Form
The Long Report
Sample Long Report: Mad Cow Disease
An Example of the Levels of Headings
Sample Long Report--Voting by Mail
Using Word to Write the Long Report
Powering Up Word for the Long Report & Dummy Report--2005 version
Page Numbering in Word One More Time--Summer 2005.  (This one's shorter!)
Using Word to write the Long Report
Word leader dots
Word leader dots--Word 2007
Veal Calf Advertisement
The Technical Communication Library: Resources for Technical Communication
Toolkit To End Violence Against Women (Recommendations for various audiences to help end domestic violence.)
Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students: Advice, models, and exercises for common technical writing assignments
Color, Contrast, & Dimension in News Design
Course links for English 467: Technical Writing for the Internet
Making the Macintosh
Guides on how to install Hard Drives
Samsung's Pinpoint Hard Drive
Seagate's Hard Drive Installation Guide

Group Projects

  • Wright, Thomas: A Selection of Latin Stories: Online Edition
  • The DateLine Page: How to Plan the Perfect Date
  • European Hostels
  • Guide to Making Paper Airplanes
  • A Guide to Writing a Winning Resume
  • How to Buy Tires on the Internet and Save Money
  • How to Build a PC
  • How to Buy Hay Over the Internet
  • How to Change Your Car's Oil
  • How to Change a Tire
  • How to Get into Medical School
  • How to Get Money for School
  • How to Tie a Tie
  • Making Your Home Page Cooler: Four Simple Toys You Can Install
  • Metric/English Conversions
  • Mowing the Lawn: Written using W3C Standards-based design
  • Registration Procedures for LA Tech Students
  • Take a Tour of Tech
  • A Techster's Guide to Financial Aid
  • How to Build a Computer
  • How to Make an Ice Cream Cake
  • How to Make an Oreo Cake
  • Vacation Genius: How to Pack for the Big Trip
  • How to Train for a Marathon
  • How to Make Smoothies
  • How to Delete Podcasts from Your iPhone
  • The Louisiana Mega-Shelter in Alexandria